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Apple Audit: Child Labor Took Place in Some Factories

An audit by Apple -- maker of the iPhone -- found 15-year-olds were working in some of its factories. Credit: Justin Sullivan, Getty
That new iPhone might be lots of fun and oh-so-chic. But it turns out it might have been manufactured by childr...

ParentDish Size Six: Reasons to have kids

Why would anyone in their right mind willingly submit themselves to eighteen (or more!) years of dealing with those loud, filthy, expensive, rebellious critters known as children? Surely, there must be some reason why people put up with their messes,...

City helps kids spot housing code violations

Fayetteville, AR has devised a plan to score free labor from local kids. Through a book called "Fayetteville's Dirty Dozen," they're teaching children how to spot building and property code violations. The hope is that these kids will go home and tel...

Child labor cut with piglet program

The thought of selling my daughter as an indentured servant is absolutely ludicrous to me, but in rural Nepal (and many other poor countries) the practice has gone on for generations for very real and understandable reasons. Fathers bargain with city...


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