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Accused Molester Given Access to Child Pornography in Case Against Him

Accused child molester Weldon Marc Gilbert of Washington state is acting as his own defense counsel, so he gets to personally review the evidence against him. That means he gets to watch the hundreds of child pornography videos police seized fr...Loophole gives defendent chance to review porn as evidence.

Mother Sentenced for Attacking Sex Offender

Tammy Gibson will be spending three months behind bars for taking a baseball bat to a sex offender for talking to her then-10-year-old daughter last summer. Is this Puyallup, WA, mom remorseful or scared? "I'd do it again, if not better," she tell...

Boyfriend sentenced to life, Mom to blame, says angry judge

So many times I've seen headlines noting that a repeat child molester evaded punishment with a slap on the wrist or a small fine. I usually skim the headlines, skipping over the article with a sick stomach, not really needing to know any more about ...

Texas plans to execute sexual predators

I know the state of Texas is not overly opposed to the death penalty, so this bit of news doesn't exactly surprise me. A bill is making its way through the state senate that would allow for the death penalty for those convicted of raping a child aged...

Convicted sex offender's backyard has view of elementary school playground

Melissa made an important point last week that when it comes to sexual pretadors and our children, the people we most need to be worried about are the family, friends, and caregivers we trust our children with, not the nefarious strangers eager to pl...


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