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Summer Fun and Games: You Could Be Your Kid's Favorite Toy

Most children would do anything to have their busy parents get on the floor and play with them, especially in their early years. Credit: Getty Images Pop quiz: What toy does your child most want to play with this summer? It's a tr...Playing with your child this summer could mean lots of fun for both of you.

Connect With Your Child Through Play

When you think about your own childhood, do you recall times when you and your parents played together? Maybe it was hide-and-seek, or Monopoly or rock-paper-scissors. I remember pretending to be circus performers with my mom and dad, and playing...Through play, children make sense of their experiences, and express their ideas and emotions.

Do your kids need more structure on weekends?

I was just over at Friday Playdate and I saw a post that made me go, "Hmmm..." And I thought, "Susan can NOT be the only mom dealing with this issue!" So, I thought I'd write about it here and see what y'all think. Basically, the dilemma is this: Ho...


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