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Florida Child Welfare Investigators Criticized for Incompetance

Credit: Corbis
Say you're a child welfare investigator.
You get numerous reports that children in a particular family are being abused. Most recently, you hear they are being tied up and confined to a bathtub. How can you tell if...
Florida investigators overlooked warning signs, and little girl died.

Number of Child Abuse Deaths Might Be Underestimated

Credit: Getty Images
At least 1,770 children died from abuse and neglect in 2009.
Probably more. Probably a lot more. State officials underestimate the death toll from child abuse by at least 50 percent, according to the Governme...
Government Accountability Office says deaths from child abuse woefully underestimated.

Doctor: Some Parents Too Fat to Have Kids

Credit: Getty Images
A physician has a revolutionary new concept for helping obese children lose literally hundreds of pounds of dangerous fat.
Remove their parents. Some people are too fat to have kids, David Ludwig, an obesity ...
Want to lose ugly fat? Remove the parents, opinion piece declares.

No Racial Bias in Child Welfare System, Report Finds

Almost three times as many African Americans as whites live below the poverty line, and economic need plays a huge role in abuse. Credit: Corbis It has long been argued that systemwide racial bias is behind the reporting of double ...
Almost three times as many African Americans as whites live below the poverty line, and economic need plays a huge role in abuse.

FLDS kids likely going home

Judges ruled earlier this week that at least some of the more than 400 children recently removed from the Yearning For Zion ranch will be returning home. In an unusual move, the appellate court said that Texan authorities had no proof that the childr...

Nude nanny a no-no

It's an age-old question that has finally been answered. If the babysitter takes her clothes off in the woods and the kids aren't around to see it, will she get arrested for child endangerment? The answer is yes. 20-year old Michelle Rendino found th...

Toddler left alone while parents play at Disney World

Taking a three year old to Disney World usually means skipping the really fun attractions. Instead of screaming through the Tower of Terror, you will probably be spending more time at the Country Bear Jamboree. Or Cinderella's Carousel. Or, you could...

UK worst place to be a kid

A recent study by Unicef of 21 industrialized countries ranks the UK last in childhood well-being. Britain's "dog-eat-dog" society and underinvestment have led to accusations that the nation is "failing children and young people in a number of crucia...

Children missing from foster care

Despite the promise to do so in 2002, the Florida child welfare department has been unable to locate all missing foster children. As of Monday, 652 children have been reported as missing. This number comes as a blow to the state's much plagued progra...


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