Live From the Maternity Ward: Birthing Moms Are Primping for Photos

Pedicure? Check. Teeth whitening? Check. Hospital bag? Oh, yeah ... Credit: Getty Images When Lyn Zelnis was packing her hospital bag for the birth of her second baby, she made sure to include shower supplies, onesies and perhaps most i..."Push and smile" has become the mantra of baby mamas, who find their post labor selves splashed across the pages of Facebook or live on YouTube.

Father's Involvement During Pregnancy Found to be Critical to Infant's Survival

Healthier babies are born to dads that stick around. Credit: Getty Images
Babies whose fathers are absent during pregnancy are four times more likely to die in their first year of life, regardless of the mother's race, ethnicity or socioeconomi...

'Pregnancy Brain' Myth Busted by New Study

Pregnant women can no longer blame forgetfulness on "Momnesia." Credit: Getty Images
So what if you tried to brush your teeth with shampoo, can't ever seem to find your keys and haven't managed to match your socks for a week? You're eight month...

Bradley, Lamaze or Mongan? How to Choose a Childbirth Class

Pregnant women spend nine months waiting for the moment when they'll make the trek to the hospital for the big delivery, but you can get a preview of the action at a childbirth class. ParentDish took a look at three of the most popular types of cla...

Best Pregnancy Books: ParentDish's Top 10 Picks

Catch up on your pregnancy reading with these top titles. Credit: Betsssssy, Flickr
In "The Godfather," they went to the mattresses. In pregnancy, you go to the books. And, since you've already got a lot on your mind, we did the work for you, bre...

27 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Have you felt your baby hiccup? Credit: GE Healthcare
Credit: GE Healthcare As your second trimester comes to an end, start looking into labor and child care classes, consider taking a tour of the hospital (if it's offer...

Labor and Delivery: What You Need to Know

Labor and delivery, then hello baby! Credit: Getty Images
Labor and delivery are the final stages of pregnancy when a woman gives birth to a child. The process of labor and delivery typically begins about 38 weeks after conception or 40 weeks f...

Childbirth Doll: Some Love it, Some Say 'Ew'

The Childbirth Education Doll, made by Sharon Coleman (etsy)
The Childbirth Education Doll has caused a bit of controversy, with some saying that they found the doll to be too, well, creepy. ParentDish spoke with Sharon Coleman, the dol...

Mom Gives Birth in Her Pants

One surprised mom found a baby in her pants leg. Image: Corbis.
We've all heard stories of incredibly quick births that happen in the most unexpected places. Sometimes these impatient babies make their grand entrances while mom is at home, in a t...

Orgasmic Childbirth?

Here's something you don't hear very often during childbirth: "Oooh, that feels so good!" Generally that is because the mother-to-be-is either unconscious, writhing in pain, or numb from the waist down. But according to a new documentary, childbirth ...

Baby Born in Penn Station During Morning Rush Hour

Commuters at New York City's Penn Station got a little extra excitement on their way to the train this morning: Expectant mom Marie Booth gave birth to a seven-pound baby boy under the Departures sign. Marie and her husband, Jonathon, were making the...

Mortality Rates Much Higher for Teen Moms

Teen pregnancy, which folks like to think is a thing of the past, is, in fact, quite the opposite, particularly in developing nations. Turns out, it's also very dangerous, for both mother and child. According to the United Nation's annual children's ...

Woman Sues Doctor After Painful Childbirth

There are no two ways about it: giving birth is painful. But what if your doctor seems to be doing everything in his power to make it even more so? As crazy as that sounds, that is exactly what former Chicago police officer Catherine Skol says the do...

Halloween leftovers, Madagascar 2, and Niki Taylor - Links we love

Recovering from your Halloween sugar binge? Here's what to do with all that leftover candy. -- Alpha Mom The stars of Madagascar 2 -- Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock, and Ben Stiller -- dish on parenthood. -- Babble Tired of telling your toddler...

Fearful moms choosing c-sections more often?

Asking a woman if she would rather give birth vaginally or by c-section is a little like asking her if she would prefer having her fingernails pulled out or a fork stuck in her eye. Newsflash -- it hurts either way. However, women in the United...


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