Lazy eye best if treated before age 2

Amblyopia or lazy eye occurs when the brain, for reasons that aren't clear, is unable to translate images received by the affected eye. It is a condition that in which vision is impaired, typically in only one eye. Amblyopia cannot be corrected with...

Six things to consider when adopting internationally

I have to thank Foodad over at noodad for this tip. He give six very important tips for parents to consider when they have adopted a child internationally. Specifically, he uses the example of adopting from China. I have some friends who are anticip...

When your child only says one word

Noodad shared with us this post about the tribulations of having a child who only says one word. His writes in the post about how his child says, "Mo." And only, "Mo." And how "Mo" has a wide variety of meanings. Basically, his son says, "Mo," whenev...

Boys Like to Read Less?

My Mom read to me from a very young age, and I credit my almost-obsessive love of reading to my early introduction to books. I also believe that my love for reading really helped me thrive in school. So before Nolan was even born, I was out searching...

Fighting with your partner might be ruining your kid's sleep

From  While it's not surprising that children in homes might be adversely affected by watching their parents fight, researchers have found that it might not just be because witnessing the conflict is emotionally harmful.  It may a...

Do boys lag girls in literacy because of teachers' own ideals?

I'm watching the most amazing special on Public Broadcasting, Raising Cain, about the life of boys. Psychologist Tom Newkirk says that boys often lag girls in literacy because teachers discourage boys from writing and reading about things they're int...

Australian study on pacifiers -- NOW what do you do?

Here's one of those annoying studies that just confuses the pacify-or-not-to-pacify issue:  A team of researchers led by the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research in Australia have determined that baby pacifiers (or "dummies," a...


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