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Happy Meals Get a Little Less Happy With Half the Fries

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Happy Meals may be a little more healthy but a little less happy now that McDonald's is cutting the number of fries kids get in half.
The New York Times reports restaurant officials announced July 26 the com...
McDonald's bows to concerns about nutrition by putting kids on tighter rations.

Kids Eating More and More Meals Away From Home

Credit: AP
People used to complain that kids eat too often in front of the television instead of at the family dinner table.
Have no fear. Researchers have found kids rarely eat at home at all. They get their nutrition (if you us...

Is 13 Too Young to Start Bodybuilding?

If you hear your kids saying "We're gonna pump (clap) you up" in the mirror while applying bronzer, flexing, posing and lifting weights you'd be afraid to even go near, it may be time for a body image intervention. "Today" reports youngsters a...The number of kids ages 6 to 11 joining gyms has doubled since 2005.

Update: Doc Takes Heat for Suggesting Kids Be Removed From Obsese Parents

Credit: Getty Images
Boston pediatrician David Ludwig suggested children should be taken away from their obese parents.
Uh, why is everyone looking at him like that? MSNBC reports Ludwig's comments, made in the Journal of the Ame...
Doctor claims his comments were blown out of proportion.

Doctor: Some Parents Too Fat to Have Kids

Credit: Getty Images
A physician has a revolutionary new concept for helping obese children lose literally hundreds of pounds of dangerous fat.
Remove their parents. Some people are too fat to have kids, David Ludwig, an obesity ...
Want to lose ugly fat? Remove the parents, opinion piece declares.

When Schools Report Students' Weight to Parents, Changes Seldom Happen, Study Finds

Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children. Credit: John Moore, Getty Images So, your kid got an B- in math, a C in science and totally flunked when it came to his weight last...Researcher says schools should be more pro-active when it comes to notifying parents of obese children.

To Fight Obesity, Even Babies Should Exercise

Credit: Keith Brofsky, AP LONDON (AP) - In a new campaign against obesity, the British government issued guidelines on Monday saying that children under the age of five - including those who can't even walk yet - should exercise every ...The British government issued guidelines on Monday saying that children under the age of five — including those who can't even walk yet — should exercise every day.

Growing Up in an Inner City Slum a Great Way to Stay in Shape

Credit: Daniel Garcia, AFP
Stereotypes would have you believe rural kids are tough. They do all those farm chores, right?
Maybe, but they also have to get in the car (or truck, as long as we're still dealing in stereotypes) to go an...
You may be too poor to ride the bus, kid, but think how you're working those lower abdominals.

Video Games Make Kids Fat? Well, Yes and No

Playing interactive video games helps kids stay fit. Credit: Getty Images
Playing video games makes kids fat.
So say researchers at the Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada who ... ZAP! Oops, those guys just got vaporized...
Studies offer two different views on video games and obesity. But are they really that different?

Video Gamers: The Overeating Defenders of the Universe

Killing aliens makes a kid hungry. Credit: Corbis
Space aliens have invaded Earth, demanding we have their dress shirts cleaned and pressed by Tuesday or face the consequences.
Now, the only thing that stands between humanity and an...
Research finds gamers pack away the pounds while blowing away the aliens.

Using a Bottle at Age 2 Can Mean Obese by Kindergarten, Study Finds

Kids still drinking from a bottle at the age of two could end up obese. Credit: Getty Images Back away from the bottle. Researchers have found many clues as to what helps make kids fat, and the latest is serving your toddler a bottle...If your 2-year-old still drinks a bottle, she could end up obese by 5 1/2.

Michelle Obama Kicks it Old School at Let's Move Flash Mob

You may never have thought you'd catch the first lady doing the Running Man, but Michelle Obama kicked it old school May 3, in a fitness flash mob as part of her Let's Move campaign. Dancing to Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" with the kids f...The first lady did the Running Man to Beyonce's "Move Your Body."

This 'Let's Move!' Ad Isn't Going to Get Kids Moving

Click here to watch how the families in our Healthy Families Challenge are staying fit! "Let's Move!" has an ad campaign running that should be called "Let's Lie!" A mom is in the kitchen when her daughter, age about 11, calls down from the ...Tricking kids into a minute of exercise isn't going to end childhood obesity.

Overweight Moms, Children Think They're Thinner Than They Really Are, Study Shows

Watch Videos of Four Families Striving To Meet Their Fitness Goals!
Nearly half of moms with fat kids thought their children were at a healthy weight. Credit: Getty Images
Yes, those pants make you look fat.
Actually, to be hone...
New study says nearly half of moms with fat kids think they're kids are at a healthy weight.

Ear Infections Latest Cause of Childhood Obesity, New Study Says

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Ear infections damage the nerves that conduct the "wow-this-is-yummy" signals to the brain. Credit: Getty Images Get out those No. 2 pencils. Today's multiple-choice question: Why was your kid voted...
Korean researchers tie ear infections to tubby tots.


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