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How to Childproof Your Windows

Do you have a minute (OK, a minute and eight seconds?) Good. Now watch this video on window safety from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and then walk around your house and do what you need to do to childproof your windows. Got it? Great. ...Are your windows childproofed? Watch this video and see what you need to do to protect your kids.

Postal carrier catches baby falling out window

Lisa Harrell, an Albany, NY postal carrier, got a surprise delivery this week when a baby fell out of a second story window and into her arms while she was delivering the mail. Harrell said she looked up and saw the baby in the window over the doorwa...

Can a room be chic and kid-friendly?

Can a room in your home be both chic and kid-friendly? According to Better Homes and Gardens, it can. I guess personal style can determine just how chic you think the ideas in the slide show provided are, but at least they're giving it a shot. I ...

A good reminder: Poison prevention tips

We're nearing the end of a complete kitchen overhaul, and I've been putting all of my kitchen stuff back in my new cupboards. I looked for a loooong time at my cleaning supplies, normally stashed on top of my refrigerator. Our new cabinets won't have...

Toddler survives fall from third floor window

One of the first things we did after moving into our new home a few years ago was put window locks on the second story windows. These locks allow the window to open only a few inches - enough for some fresh air, but not enough for a child to slip thr...

How do you toddler proof?

I wasn't very good at babyproofing the house. I tentatively moved some cords around, and inserted some plastic doohickies in the light sockets, but in general I didn't think about the stuff that mattered: my pen tray on the desk, leaving my juice on ...

Fridge lock required

The other day I was extracting a sponge from underneath the sink when I heard a muffled gurgle coming from the direction of the fridge. When I'd looked two seconds previously, Nolan had been chewing on a rubber toy by my feet so I was surprised to s...

Would you use a bumper bonnet?

I understand that babies learning how to walk are not the most....graceful beings on the planet. However, Nolan seems to be even more precarious than other babies I've seen, swaggering drunkenly and alarmingly towards fireplaces and broomhandles with...

Houseproofing - the impossible chore?

I am learning that houseproofing a 102-year-old-house against an 11-month-old rocket of a baby is about as effective as a hamster trying to voyage to the Amsterdam airport via his wheel. I thought I had done everything. There are gates everywhere. Th...

Blogging Baby Size Six: Safety products for the newly mobile baby

When we moved into our house two years ago, we were lax on childproofing. At the time, Nolan was two and a half and not into the antics of a newly mobile, very curious baby. We had safety latches on our kitchen cabinets and safety covers on our elect...


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