Mom's Spanking Fuels Toddler's Aggression

Dear AdviceMama, I take care of twin 18-month-olds, a boy and girl. The mom has started "disciplining" them with spanks and timeouts. As a result, the girl frowns and hits -- I feel she is acting out what she sees, and trying to process it...
True discipline isn't about punishment; it's about teaching children right from wrong with patience and understanding.

Beauty After Motherhood: Celeb Before and Afters

Maybe it's the extra curves, maybe it's that new mama glow. Whatever it is, these celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms. Check out before and after photos of some of our favorite celebrity moms.
These celebs are pictured looking more radiant than ever after they became moms.

Using a Bottle at Age 2 Can Mean Obese by Kindergarten, Study Finds

Kids still drinking from a bottle at the age of two could end up obese. Credit: Getty Images Back away from the bottle. Researchers have found many clues as to what helps make kids fat, and the latest is serving your toddler a bottle...If your 2-year-old still drinks a bottle, she could end up obese by 5 1/2.

Reading, Playing and Bonding With Children Staves Off Violence, Study Finds

Reading your child a book may stop them from being violent. Credit: Getty Images Want to take extra measures to prevent your kid from growing up to be a bully? Try reading him a book or taking him to the playground for some parent-chil...Study shows bonding with mom can also raise a kid's IQ.

Census: White Children a Minority in U.S. by 2023

White children are going to be a minority in the United States by 2023. Credit: Getty Images
Aw, geez, if Archie Bunker was alive, he'd be spinning in his grave.
That's just the sort of metaphor TV's famous bigot would mix if he rea...
Traditional minorities have long outnumbered white kids in major cities.

The Mom Celebrity Translator

Here's another bit of brilliance from the gang at Saturday Night Live! How many Moms out there can relate? –MT
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Marlo wants to tickle our parenting funny bones!

Do Parents Kid Themselves About How Happy They Are to Have Children?

Are parents really that happy to have kids? Credit: Corbis
According to a new study from Canada, "Parents may create rosy pictures of parental joy as a way to justify the huge investment that children require," UPI reports.
We all k...
We all know kids are great. But is it possible that we overcompensate for the fact that they are also incredibly expensive by going overboard saying how wonderful it is to be a parent?

Parents' Smoking Can Increase Children's Blood Pressure

Secondhand smoke can cause high blood pressure in young kids. Credit: Getty Forget about lung cancer causing harm in the distant future. Your smoking may hurt your child before he hits grade school. A new study shows breathing tob...Another reason to quit smoking: You could be giving your young kids high blood pressure.

Maturity Plays Role In Talking to a Child about Death

Death can be hard to discuss with a child. Credit: Getty Images
No matter your religious beliefs, death is a subject that, at some point, a parent will need to discuss with a child. Maturity plays a part in a child's understanding of death, an...
No matter your religious beliefs, death is a subject that, at some point, a parent will need to discuss with a child.

McDonald's, Wendy's Kids Meals Top Physician Group's Least Wanted List

Maybe you should rethink dinner tonight ... Credit: Ben Stansall, AFP / Getty Images
McDonald's calls it a Mighty Kids Meal. But really, kids, how mighty are you going to be when your arteries are clogged and you've lost all feeling on the lef...

How to Please a Picky Eater

Help your kid take a gastronomic adventure. Credit: Corbis
From soupy sauces to brown beans, we all had foods that we couldn't tolerate as children. If you ever sat at the dinner table scowling and closed-mouthed while your parents begged you t...

Do We Live in a Child-Intolerant Society?

Cabin Fever reporting live from underneath the seats of our local cinema. The box of popcorn has been dumped. The floor is sticky. The 23-month-old has just discovered that he can crawl under this row to the one behind us. I've just discovered that I...

How Much Fibre Does My Child Need?

Dear Karla, I read your post about ways to prevent type-2 diabetes and noticed that one commenter suggested fibre. There does not seem to be a clearly stated amount for how much fibre our kids need, and I would like to know just how much I should be...

Nurturing Helps Baby's Development, Studies Say

A mom's caring can help diminish any prenatal stresses a baby may face once out in the world. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL
Go on, give your baby those few extra hugs and kisses today. Not only will the added affection make you feel good, but two...

Make Every Day a Happy Day With Your Kids

Routines are the glue that stick together the hours and activities in our days. On a good day, Cabin Fever only has to remind her children to do things once. (On a day of amazing fabulosity, I'd never have to remind anyone of anything at all; but tha...


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