The Joys of the Neighbourhood Playgroup

It's 9:30 on a Wednesday morning, and the older children have made their way to school. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee wafts through our house. A loaf of banana bread, baked and frozen last week, has been thawed and sliced, and sits on a plate besi...

Discuss Vaccination Concerns with a Doctor

Speak with a doctor if you have vaccination concerns. Credit: ad-vantage, Flickr
Our immune system fights off bacteria or viruses daily.
According to "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vaccinations," a "vaccine contains a disease-causing virus, b...

Boy, 7, Recovers After Suffering Stroke

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Kids don't have strokes -- at least, that's what the parents of one 7-year-old boy thought until their son collapsed on a New York City playground. Jared Dienst was p...

Make Your Own Birthday Party Invitations

This weekend, my family is going into party preparation mode. My eldest daughter will turn seven in the blink of an eye, and she's downright desperate to get the birthday invitations made and delivered to her friends. Is there a way to spin this task...

Cameraman Puts Job On Hold to Help Rescue Haitian Toddler

An Australian TV cameraman apologized to his boss for missing the big shot of a child being pulled from the rubble after last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti, but he had possibly the best excuse we've ever heard -- he helped rescue the toddl...

Moms With Young Kids Are the Angriest Americans

A new study says moms are mad, and they express their anger by yelling. Credit, Paolo Tarantini, Flickr
Feeling enraged, moms? A new survey says that mothers with young kids are some of the angriest Americans. The University of Toronto stu...

Cancer Patients Take Flight to 'North Pole'

Maria Jannotti watches her daughter Carla Jannotti pet Pete the Penguin at the North Pole tucked away at an Orlando International Airport maintenance hangar. Credit: Stephen Hudak, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
Kids whose lives have been consumed with ...

Nudity - Boundaries for Babies?

Do your kids go naked? Photo: nkpix, Flickr
For most adults, home is the one place where you can let it all hang out, within reason. Young kids, who don't pay attention to social norms, or completely disregard them, have a different set of clothi...

Dad Lets 11-year-old Son Drive, Gets Arrested

Would you let your kid drive your car? Photo:
Las Vegas area father Eusebio Aguilar is in trouble with the law after he let his 11-year-old son drive home from the grocery store. Police say that Aguilar "may have just been too drunk to ...

Bathtub Injuries - 43,000 Tots Treated Each Year

Toddlers get hurt falling down in the bathtub. Photo:
Babyproofers beware: Drowning isn't the only hazard to be aware of in the bathtub -- 43,000 kids a year are treated in emergency rooms after slipping or falling an a tub or shower. A...

Young Kids Spending More Time Online

Kids get friendly with the Internet. Photo:
This isn't your mama's Internet: Nielsen reports from the month of May found that kids, age 11 and younger, are a rapidly growing group of Internet users -- getting online at higher rates than...

'Fit as a Firefighter' Camp Helps Kids Lose Weight

Louisiana firefighters are saving kids' lives, but not in the usual way. Image:
Firefighters don't just fight fires. In Louisiana, they battle childhood obesity too. In Slidell, a local "Fit as a Firefighter" camp for children -- overweigh...

Liv Tyler Interferes, Spit Up Stains, and More - Links We Love

Is your kids addicted to junk food? Image:
Liv Tyler recently stopped a mother in the park, shouting at her to stop hitting her toddler. She's gotten both cheers and jeers for her actions. What do you think? Would you interfere with ano...

Modern Fathers the Equivalent of Hired Help?

Have fathers lost their place in the family? Photo courtesy Friendscallme on Flickr Michael Lewis is a father of three who is feeling a little under-appreciated. He's written a book, based on a series of amusing pieces he wrote for Slate, called...

Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Working Moms

Dr. Laura feels sorry for working moms. Image:
Just in time for Mother's Day, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has released a new book titled "In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms." In this, her sixteenth book, Schlessinger urges mothers to eschew car...


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