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The 10 Best New Picture Books for Spring

Every season brings bright new picture books, and Cabin Fever has the great pleasure of choosing from among the riches the very best. With help from my personal focus group of readers (and pre-readers), here's what made our shortlist of top new pictu...

A Canadian Illustrator's Tips for Inspiring Young Artists

"When my daughter was about ten years old, she introduced me to some of her classmates: 'This is my mom. She's fifty years old, with the brain of a five-year-old,' " recalls Jirina Marton, who recently won the prestigious Governor General's Award for...

The long, sordid tale of E.B. White's "Stuart Little"

After a bedtime routine of bath, brushing teeth, and book reading, my daughters still often resist settling in under getting under the covers and settling in for the night. So we started a new routine where, once they are tucked in and quiet, we turn...


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