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KidPop News: 'Tangled' Gets Tested, Austen Gets a Twilight Treatment and Mr. Men Get a Movie Deal

Amazon Rapunzel's Hair is Cleared for Climbing The engineers at Imperial College in London have been putting their highly-educated brains to good use, designing an experiment to show that human hair is capable of...

Pop Culture Smackdown: Polar Bears vs. Penguins!

Which cold-weather creature comes out on top in pop culture? Illustration: Christopher Healy
We've always had a fascination with cold-weather animals. Perhaps it's because they live in environments we never could. Polar bears and penguins are ani...

Maurice Sendak Revealed

Author Maurice Sendak has become somewhat of a household name these days. Starting with the 2006 announcement that his beloved children's book, "Where the Wild Things Are," was to be made into a feature film, there has been much talk about the movie ...

Kid Movies Adults Love

Being a parent often involves sitting through -- and pretending to enjoy -- some really bad movies. Space Chimps and High School Musical 3 come immediately to mind. But until the kids are old enough to go to the movies alone, we've got no choice othe...

Bolt - Good Dog, Good Movie

When we went to see Bolt on Friday night, we took friends who just found a little lost kitty in a tree in their backyard. My friend was firm in her commitment not to become its new owner, should it's original family not be found. But after meeting Mi...

Kung Fu Panda: This Kung fu couch potato is a hit!

After filling my kids up with mall spaghetti (which they claim is better than my own), burning through a $5 gift certificate (won at a raffle) at the arcade, and making at least two potty stops, I realized that, boy, has Friday night date night ever ...

Finding Eating Nemo

My daughter is a huge fan of Finding Nemo, which I like, because it's one of the few kids' movies focused on a less-traditional family -- specifically, a single father and his child. Unfortunately, it appears Pixar has no plans for a sequel, but ma...


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