Best Kids' CDs of the Decade

The '00s could be known as the decade of children's music (along with about a zillion other things). These first 10 years of the new millennium were a time in which an entire genre of music -- one which was formerly mocked, looked down upon, or ...

Music Roundup: New Holiday CDs

At the end of every year, we see a new slate of holiday CDs. Some will be entertaining new takes on the Christmas music we all know and love; some will be lame retreads. Here are five new holiday discs made to please the kiddies.

Jamming with The Sippy Cups

While sitting in my Music Together class this week, my class instructor and I starting talking about fun bands for kids. We did the usual back and forth- Dan Zanes, Rockabye Baby, etc. She told me to check out the website of a San Francisco-based ban...

Incredibly weird rock bands for kids

You know how media for kids usually sucks? Not all of it, but most of the music and television programs targeted at children seem more like uninspired, gender-programed, marketing gimmicks than actual entertainment or education. What happened to Sat...

Music Review: Yellow Fever

While they're name isn't exactly uplifting, the Austin-based trio, Yellow Fever, make grown-up music that's totally child-friendly. I bumped into the band late Saturday night at a show that was otherwise dominated by pretentious indie kids, and was i...

CD Review: Yesterday Was Dramatic, Today is OK, by Mum

Ok, so this is kind of cheating. Mum technically makes music for grown-ups, but their brand of lo-fi, emotionally-charged techno-pop has recently become living-room-dance-floor fodder for my 2 year-old and I, so I thought I'd share. Well, most of i...

Music Review: The Telephone Company

Let's cut to the chase. The Telephone Company are a couple of weirdos. But weirdos who, somehow -- almost unbelievably -- manage to create music that kids go crazy over. The Austin-based acoustic rockers call themselves a "hardcore children's band,...


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