Obamas Choose Sidwell Friends for Malia and Sasha

President-elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama chose a school for daughters Malia and Sasha this week -- Sidwell Friends School. Michelle Obama said she'd been considering D.C. public schools, as well as Georgetown Day School, but that the ...

Closing the door on parenthood before it ever opens

Even when a parent is 100% sure that their family is complete, it can often be difficult to shut that door once and for all. But do you think that it's possible, at a very young age, to just know that children aren't for you? And is it healthy to tak...

Courts okay "Choose Life" license plates

Wow. Who'da thunk that license plates would stir up so much trouble? Well, it turns out they can and they do. Me, I've got a Yosemite plate on our Land Rover -- who could possibly be opposed to one of the (if not the) most beautiful places on the pla...

Student editorial reminds us that foreign adoption does not begin and end in China

A student at the University of Wisconsin has written a very thoughtful editorial on the Chinese government's decision to issue strict guidelines as to who exactly can adopt children from their country. We've all read about it and yes, some of them s...

New study says birthparents' rights need to be respected

A new report from the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute concludes that birthparents, for the most part, do no not have all the information they need when they are considering putting up their infants for adoption. According to the organization, mo...

The breast feeding militia

An article that ran in the New York Times has been making a buzz for the past few days. I bet many have read it, remarked an it and stewed over it. Everybody knows that breastfeeding is the best option for babies. The golden elixir is tailor mad...


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