Does It Have to Be a Chore to Get My Daughter to Do Chores?

Dear AdviceMama,
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores? I have tried everything except spanking. I do not believe in physical punishment at all for any reason. Thanks. Signed, Wanting Help! Dear Wanting, ...
How do I get my 7-year old daughter to stop trying to get out of chores?

Communication May Be Key to Improving Family Life, Survey Shows

A little communication may go a long way toward improving your family life. Credit: Getty If you feel like you spend most of your precious time at home arguing and yelling at everyone around you, you may be right. Communication betwe...Talking about something other than the kids' schedules and grocery lists might help your marriage.

Love to Help Ya With the Kids, Honey, but There's This University Study ...

Mom does dishes while Dad plays games? Oh, no, they didn't! Credit: Corbis
All you fathers out there will want to pay special attention to this study.
Researchers at The Ohio State University say kids are better off when mothers cha...
Now dads have an excuse (other than being lazy slobs) for getting out of changing poopy diapers.

When to Start Giving Your Child an Allowance

An allowance can teach kids a lot about money. Credit: Karen Bleier, AFP/Getty Images
Giving kids an allowance has long been associated with also giving them chores, but some say tying a regular sum of money to rewards or punishments can be detri...
Giving kids an allowance has long been associated with also giving them chores, but some say tying a regular sum of money to rewards or punishments can be detrimental to a child's future financial health.

Welcome to Bizarro World Where Men Love to Do Housework

When men do housework, women weep with joy. Credit: Getty Images
C'mon, ladies, you know what your man wants. It's what all men want. And they want it every day. They need it. It releases all their stress and makes them feel sooo good. Why not...
Study: Men have certain "needs" in a relationship, like the need to mop floors and do laundry.

Think You Do More Chores Than Your Spouse? Join the Club, Survey Says

Division of labor can be a big sore spot for many couples. Credit: Getty Images
If we really did as much around the house as we think we do, we'd all have squeaky-clean homes, well-stocked pantries and perfectly-coordinated schedules. As it tu...
Moms, dads say they do more chores than they get credit for.

Men Do 13 Hours of Chores a Week, Research Finds

Do men go without thanks for doing thankless tasks? Credit: Getty Images
Are men unsung housework heroes? According to a new survey, men spend 676 hours a year on household chores. This equals 13 hours a week, which breaks down to 4.7 hours ...

10 Ways to Teach Your Kids Compassion

Craig Kielburger became famous when, at only twelve years old, he founded a charitable organization to fight child exploitation called Free the Children. Since its humble beginnings in the Kielburger family home in 1995, Free the Children has develop...

Happy Helperz: Making Chores More Fun for Kids

We're all looking for ways to simplify our lives, do more activities together as a family, and to make our homes happy and productive spaces. Heidi Girvan, a former primary-school teacher and mother of three young children, did more than just organiz...

Make Every Day a Happy Day With Your Kids

Routines are the glue that stick together the hours and activities in our days. On a good day, Cabin Fever only has to remind her children to do things once. (On a day of amazing fabulosity, I'd never have to remind anyone of anything at all; but tha...

Abigail Breslin Makes $13 a Week

Abigail Breslin gets a $13 allowance. Image: Getty Images
She's been nominated for an Oscar, made her way on to "Forbes" list of Young Hollywood's top earning stars and pulls in $2 million a movie. But child star Abigail Breslin still has to fee...

Leverage Mother's Day for a Valuable Gift (That Costs Nothing)

Right about now your husband and children may be waking up to the fact that Sunday is Mother's Day, and they're kicking themselves because they've (once again) waited to think about how to make the day special for you. Across the country, family m...

Obama Girls Get Their Dog

So what was in your Easter basket? Jelly beans, perhaps? Peeps? (I like Peeps.) A chocolate bunny or four? How about a puppy? Sasha and Malia got their very own Easter Beagle yesterday – well, Easter Portuguese Water Dog. Close enough. Th...

Bathing with Baby, Scary Books, and Playmobil - Links We Love

Co-bathing with your kid: When does it become inappropriate? The advice seems to be that it's time to stop when either one of you feel weird about it. -- MomLogic Parents have the Snuggie, now babies have their own version of the wearable blanket ...

Multitasking is Not All Bad

Some people don't believe in multitasking. Maybe they've read that doing more than one thing at a time is too taxing on our brains. Or maybe they're reacting because they wore themselves out trying to do two things at once -- and trying to give both...


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