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Teen Girls Say Rihanna Is to Blame for Assault

Think your daughter knows her boyfriend shouldn't hit her? Think again -- teen girls are rushing to defend Chris Brown, and are placing the blame for her beating squarely on Rihanna. Last week, Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to talking about...

Oprah - "Love Doesn't Hurt"

Last week Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks teamed up for an hour-long discussion about domestic violence inspired by the Chris Brown and Rihanna February 8th domestic assault case now before a Los Angeles court. The question on everyone's mind is: Can...

Chris Brown Opts Out Of Kids' Choice Awards

Chris Brown, who allegedly beat his girlfriend, singer Rihanna, has decided to withdraw his name from the list of nominees for Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. Here is what Brown's rep told TMZ on Wednesday: "Chris very much appreciates the supp...


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