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Celeb Clan Close-Up: Brooke Shields and Her Pretty Babies

Brooke Shields and her family hit the blue carpet at "The Smurfs" premiere. Credit: Steve Sands, Brooke Shields just seems to get better looking with age. The 46-year-old stunner hit the appropriately colored blu...The actress and her brood looked fab on the "Smurfed" blue carpet.

Brooke Shields' life "not perfect"

For actress Brooke Shields, life is far from perfect. And she's not afraid to admit it. The Lipstick Jungle star was very free with her words when she spoke with TimesOnline. And she's not afraid to admit that having and raising kids is tough for t...

Brooke Shield's mother "disappointed" in celebrity daughter

Brooke Shields' mother reportedly (and classily!) gave an interview to The National Enquirer complaining that Brooke doesn't have time for her and never brings the grand kids around. Oh yeah, and her son-in-law is pretty crappy too! "I don't see B...


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