christmas games 

How to Play: Christmas Wreath

Get your cotton balls through the wreath first. Credit: Corbis
What you need: A large Christmas wreath, rope for hanging the wreath, cotton batting and white tissue paper.
How to play: Suspend the wreath from a doorway. Prepare the ...
Throw your three snowballs through the wreath and win!

How to Play: Christmas Tree

Put the ornaments on the tree. Credit: Getty Images What you need: A small Christmas tree, ornaments and a blindfold. How to play: Stand a small Christmas tree at one end of the room, and place the ornaments on a table n...Tree decorating with a twist!

How to Play: Who's Santa?

If you can wink, you can play this holiday game. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Players need the ability to wink and say "Ho, Ho, Ho!" How to play: Santa is hiding, and Rudolph is here to find him. Borrowing from the classic winking game...
Can you spot who's winking?

How to Play: Christmas Gift Stacking Relay

Carry stacked gifts to win the relay. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A duplicate set of wrapped boxes, items inside the boxes (optional) and stools or chairs. How to play: Divide into two teams: Team A and B. Now, split each team so half ...
Can you stack your gifts first?

How to Play: Gift Wrap Relay

Wrap and unwrap gifts to win. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Two boxes of the same size, pre-cut wrapping paper (one piece for each player) and tape. How to play: Divide the kids into two teams. Let them know that this is a team game, whe...
Your team wins if you wrap and re-wrap your gifts first.

Top Christmas Games

Christmas is a great time for families to have fun together by playing holiday-themed games. Though there are many games that can be be fun for your family, some stand out. Give scavenger hunts a holiday twist by having kids find Santa's reindeer....

Funschool: What Is It?

Funschool is an educational website for elementary school children that offers free games, crafts and printable activities to help prepare kids for school. All school subjects are covered, from history to reading to science to geography. Offerings in...


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