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Great Holiday Card Ideas for Twins, Triplets, Quads and More

It's hard enough coming up with a clever holiday card when you've got one child. When you've got twins, triplets or quadruplets, it's even tougher. But with a little creativity and perseverance, it can be done. Check out these adorable, why-didn't-...

A grandmother passes away

This year at sort of the last minute we decided to head back to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to visit my side of the family for the holidays. We figured we'd never know when the last time we'd see any of my four grandparents given their ages ...

Ideas for holiday card photos

I love Christmas/holiday cards. There. I admit it. I especially love the ones that have photos on the inside so you can see how the kids are growing. But, it is different when it is your kids trying to get photographed. I've done three different Chri...

Baby image of the day: Santa brought me a baby (or two)

Santa brought the babies in stockings this year, from Zoe to Anna Sofia. It charmed me that two separate readers - with little ones at either end of the alphabet - took strikingly similar (and endlessly charming) photos of their new baby girls. Phot...

Baby image of the day: snow slide

You spend 30, 40 minutes bundling your excited child, who insists upon playing outside in the bitter cold. You don't want to go, you'd rather stay in your comfy chair with a blanky wrapped around you, cuddling your children and drinking coffee or ho...

Choose my Christmas card photo

In years past I’ve spent long hours trying to get a good picture of my children for our holiday cards. Trying to get both kids looking relatively well cared for and both on good hair days is really an impossible dream. It’s more like an...


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