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Do You Save Wrapping Paper?

When I was a kid we always saved the bows from our presents and put them into a big pile we'd then take a picture of (for posterity, I guess) before hauling them back down to the basement to live for another year before they made their next appe...

Favorite Holiday Toys of Yore

They just don't make toys like they used to. I'm all for advances in technology and whatnot, but I really appreciate--and miss--the quality and craftsmanship of the toys that were around when I was a kid. They seemed to be built better, last lo...

The Ten Best Stocking Stuffers

Buying presents for some people can be a very difficult task, especially when you buy presents for them year after year. When you add the concept of then having to get stocking stuffers on top of that the whole holiday season can seem daunting bey...

Should Presents Be a Surprise?

Whilst trapped in traffic the other day I overheard a debate over whether or not holiday presents should be a surprise. On one side, the argument was that Christmas, for example, is all about the surprise and the thought that counts in getting...

Have You Heard of the Christmas Countdown?

Ah, the World Wide Web. It brings people, information and cultures together like nothing else ever has, and probably ever will. The mysteries and magic of the unknown cease to be, replaced by the infinite possibilities of knowledge. The Internet can...

The great gift challenge

This year, for the first time in what seems like ages, there is a new member of our family: our son. We're used to getting the same old presents for our parents and siblings and grandparents, but this year we're thinking along different lines. I ...

Split families and the holidays

With whom do you spend your holidays? Do you rotate them between your and your spouse's families? Do you hot one set for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas/Hanukkah? What about when divorce is involved? With our families, the holidays become a lit...


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