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How to Play: Siamese Gift Wrap

Wrap it up! Credit: mattbuck4950, Flickr
What you need: Wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows and presents or empty boxes.
How to play: Pair up players, and let them know that they will be competing against each other, two pairs at a...
The pair with the best-wrapped present wins.

How to Play: Toss the Goodies

Better hurry and collect all the goodies if you want to win! Credit: Matt York, AP
What you need: An old tablecloth or sheet and the goodies: nuts, candies, raisins and fruit.
How to play: The players form a square and hold the tab...
Toss the goodies in the air and catch as many as you can!

How to Play: Pass the Bows

Pass the bow while holding hands. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: 12 Christmas bows.
How to play: Teams race to pass the bows from one end of the line to the other, but the tricky part is that they must pass them while holding h...
Pass the bow down the line but only while holding the persons hand who is next to you.

How to Play: Snowballs

What will you get in your snowball? Credit: WILLIAM WEST, AFP/Getty Images What you need: Presents, cotton batting and white tissue paper. How to play: In this twist on gift wrapping, place each present inside cotton bat...A game where getting a snowball thrown at you is a good thing!

How to Play: Shoveling Snow

How many cotton balls can you get on the table? Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Vaseline, a bowl for each player, cotton balls and a stop watch.
How to play: Arrange everyone in a circle sitting on their knees or sitting around ...
In this game, you use your nose to "shovel snow."

How to Play: Dirty Dice Gift Grabbing Game

Roll to keep -- or swap -- your gift. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Wrapped gifts, dice and a timer.
How to play: Everyone brings a wrapped gift, which is placed in the middle of the room. Once everyone is seated, have the pla...
Roll a pair to get your present.

How to Play: Find Santa's Reindeer

Santa's Reindeer. Credit: Patrick Norman, Corbis What you need: You will need nine toy reindeer. You also can make reindeer out of brown construction paper -- don't forget a red nose for Rudolph. How to play: Hide the ni...Can you find all nine tiny reindeer?

How to Play: Where Are Santa's Clothes?

Can you find all of Santa's clothes? Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A Santa doll with removable clothes, paper and pens or pencils.
How to play: Remove and hide the various pieces of Santa's clothing, such as the jacket, pants...
Find all of Santa's clothes around the room and write down where they are to win!

How to Play: Santa's Christmas Puzzle Mystery

Will you be able to solve the puzzle? Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A camera, pictures, scissors and envelopes.
How to play: Plan where to hide the gifts first, and then take photos of the hiding places. Have photos printed on...
Solve the puzzle and find your gift!

How to Play: The Night Before Christmas

A variance of Musical Chairs. Credit: Buena Vista
What you need: Chairs and the book, "The Night Before Christmas."
How to play: In this variance of Musical Chairs, set up a circle of chairs, with as many chairs as there are players...
Will you be the last one sitting?

How to Play: Santa Says

Santa says ... Credit: AFP/Getty Images
What you need: All you need for this game are players. How to play: In this variation of Simon Says, players must do what "Santa says." What are the rules: An example of game play: The le...
It's Simon Says with a holiday twist!

How to Play: Christmas Corners

Don't get caught in the wrong corner! Credit: Getty Images What you need: Music, a room with four corners, a hat or box and two copies of four Christmas-themed images, such as Santa Claus, a decorated tree, a stocking and a...Don't get caught in the wrong corner!

How to Play: Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

Guess what your partner is drawing. Credit: Getty Images What you need: A list of 10 Christmas carols, paper and pens or pencils. How to play: Divide the group into two teams. Each team sends one person up to the host/ga...Can you guess which carol is drawn?

How to Play: Christmas Stocking Guessing Game

Take a guess ... Credit: Getty Images
What you need: An oversized stocking, pens or pencils, paper and Christmas holiday objects, such as a pine cone, holly, mistletoe, Scotch tape, a bow, an ornament, etc.
How to play: Put about 20...
What do you think is in the stocking?

How to Play: Decking Santa Claus

Pin the hat on Santa. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A blindfold, someone dressed as Santa Claus and as many Santa hats as you have players.
How to play: Santa sits down on one side of the room. Each player is given a Santa hat...
Put the hat on Santa Claus and win!


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