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Teen Gives Her Last $100 So Needy Children Can Have Christmas Gifts

A Pennsylvania teen spent her Christmas money to ensure other kids have gifts under the tree. Credit: Corbis
Teenagers are so materialistic, so self-absorbed, so self-centered, so ...
Hold the stereotypes. You've never met Kyia...
Teen says she couldn't bear the thought of children waking up Christmas morning without presents.

Some Kids Are Asking Santa For Socks

Some kids are asking Santa for socks this year. Credit: Matti Mattila, Flickr
With the economy recovering somewhat, but not enough, it seems that some kids are asking Santa for socks this year. The Wall Street Journal is not usually the plac...

Kids prefer gift cards for Christmas

I'm not a big fan of gift cards. I know they're very practical, and some of them are very pretty. I just bought one for my friend for the Pottery Barn, and it's festive and decorative and I know that she'll buy something she likes. And that is ultima...


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