christmas tree game 

How to Play: Snowballs

What will you get in your snowball? Credit: WILLIAM WEST, AFP/Getty Images What you need: Presents, cotton batting and white tissue paper. How to play: In this twist on gift wrapping, place each present inside cotton bat...A game where getting a snowball thrown at you is a good thing!

How to Play: Santa Says

Santa says ... Credit: AFP/Getty Images
What you need: All you need for this game are players. How to play: In this variation of Simon Says, players must do what "Santa says." What are the rules: An example of game play: The le...
It's Simon Says with a holiday twist!

How to Play: Christmas Tree

Put the ornaments on the tree. Credit: Getty Images What you need: A small Christmas tree, ornaments and a blindfold. How to play: Stand a small Christmas tree at one end of the room, and place the ornaments on a table n...Tree decorating with a twist!


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