New study shows circumcision reduces AIDS rates

The decision to circumcise or not just got trickier. According to report earlier this month in the journal Lancet, a study conducted by the United States National Institutes of Health concludes that circumcised males are more than 50% less likely to ...

Judge rules boy's circumcision not medically necessary

A decision has come down in an important Illinois case that has been carefully watched by both sides of the circumcision debate, and a judge has issued a written opinion stating that a 9-year-old boy need not be circumcised for medial reasons as asse...

Parents battling over circumcising their eight-year-old

It's not that rare:  two parents arguing over whether their son should be circumcized.  Unfortunately, with these two parents, the battle is so heated, they've landed themselves in court. The issue? Their son is EIGHT. Mom, apparently, want...


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