Mean boys just as common as mean girls

Mean girls... they've earned quite a reputation. They're everywhere, first of all. You can't catch a TV show or movie aimed at tweens or teens without at least one mean girl in the bunch. While we expect boys to act out physically, it doesn't surpris...

Seinfeld didn't fit in!

There's a shocker! Jerry Seinfeld, comedian, star of the long-running television series and lead bee in the upcoming Bee Movie admits he never felt like he fit in in high school. Jerry claims in an interview with he was uncomfortable wit...

Is popularity a worthy goal?

When you think of a popular girl in school, what kind of person comes to mind? A girl who is popular because she is friendly and fun and the other kids like being around her? Or a girl who is popular because she's a member of a small group of girls w...

Cliques - not just for big kids anymore

A clique is defined as a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set. The key word here is 'exclusive'. To be shut out of a group of peers is a painful experience for anyone. For a child, it can be devastating. When I was a kid, this phenomenon of...

Top 5 TV high schools, in case you were wondering

I remember when the TV show Beverly Hills, 902010 first came out and how amazingly hip all of the teens were at that high school. I was in college by the time the show hit the air, but those characters were so fashionable that I couldn't help but wis...

Parenting magazine: I don't fit any of your categories

If you're anything like me, when you read an article like the one in April's Parenting magazine about mom cliques, one of those with a list of "types" and a description, you immediately try to categorize yourself. I know how these articles ...


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