Divorced? Follow This One-Step Co-Parenting Plan

Divorce doesn't mean you can't still work together for your children. Illustration by Dori Hartley
This month, I've learned about four new divorces-in-progress -- with children involved in each situation.
My gut twists, thinking o...
Learn the golden rule for co-parenting. It's simple, but it ain't easy.

Everett's better: moderating the 'spirited child'

As he nears four years of age, Everett, my son who long has seemed a poster boy for the moniker 'spirited child,' is actually becoming less "intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic" and more... moderated. More manageable. He's...

Creative family arrangements bring creative family arguments

I was so pleased with myself for having achieved the ultimately desirable lifestyle: a high-profile, highly-creative, work-from-home job that pays enough to support my family; adorable, healthy children; a husband who loves me and who does the laundr...

Co-parenting blues: two approaches, one outcome

As I've chronicled extensively here, I've been struggling to potty train Everett for well over a year. We seem to be nearing the finish line (we're not working on nighttime yet, however), with nearly 100% success over the past few weeks with our bigg...


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