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Cold Medicine - New Warnings May Be On Their Way

The FDA already warns parents that if you've got a sick kid under two, don't give them cough and cold medications. There are just too many side effects and scant evidence that the medicine actually works. And now, British regulators have come to t...

Women have more bacteria on their hands than men

Cold and flu season has arrived, time to get diligent about hand-washing. Here's another reason for moms, especially, to keep those hands clean: Women have a greater variety of bacteria on their hands than men. When I first read this, I thought Ah...

Pregnant Halloween costumes, teens on Facebook, and affordable luxuries - Links we love

So your mother-in-law is driving you to drink. How to deal. -- AlphaMom Got a bun in the oven? Find the perfect Halloween costume for your pregnant self. -- Babble Cold and flu season has officially arrived. Here are some facts that might surprise yo...

Physicians group wants FDA to ban children's cold medicines

Last winter, the FDA put out an advisory warning parents and caretakers that children under the age of two shouldn't be given over-the-counter cough and cold medications. A leading physicians group, Public Citizen's Health Research Group, thinks that...


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