college drinking 

Semester Abroad Leads to More Brewskis and Vino for College Students

Drinking in college increases when students study abroad. Credit: Getty Images
In the midst of gaining cross-cultural skills, learning a foreign language and garnering a global understanding, college students studying abroad are busy raising thei...
College students are getting their drink on when they study abroad, a new study shows.

Anti-Alcohol PSAs? Spare Me the Guilt and Pour Me a Drink

PSAs may actually cause college students to drink more. Credit: Getty Images
Public service announcements designed to reduce binge drinking in college students may actually lead them to drink more. A new study found that anti-alcohol PSAs th...

Colleges Are So Narcing to Your Parents If You're Caught Drinking

Cheers may turn to jeers for some students as colleges and universities crack down on underage drinking. Credit: Getty Images
Used to be you could sneak some brewskis into your dorm room without someone narcing you out to your parents, bu...

College students disrupt American dream for homeowners

I live in a very typical suburban neighborhood. My neighbors are from all walks of life and work in a variety of professions. One thing we do have in common is our approximate age. The majority of adults in my neighborhood are somewhere in their 30's...

College creates alcoholics?

A new study shows college kids binge drink more often than non-college kids. This has led researchers to declare that college breeds alcoholism. Scientists know that genetics can play a role in alcoholism and the study found that this predisposition ...

Should we lower the drinking age?

I spent my late adolescence and early adulthood in the UK, where the drinking age is only 18. Whenever I'd visit friends on US college campus, I was amazed at the ridiculous things kids did in order to drink without getting caught. My experiences wer...


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