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Financial Aid, High School Prep Help Keep Students in College, Study Shows

Staying in college is all about the Benjamins. And lots of other factors, too. Credit: Corbis Beer and Benzedrine! Beer and Benzedrine! The question today, class, is what keeps students from finishing college? Does anyone have an ...Other than toga parties, what keeps kids in college?
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Cracking the Code: Has Teen Found Secret to High SAT Score?

Brevity may indeed be the soul of wit, but it won't get you into an Ivy League college. That's the conclusion reached by Milo Beckman, a 14-year-old student at New York City's Stuyvesant High School. He says his independent research shows that...Write long, improve your SAT essay score, student says.

Transitioning to College: Parents Can Help Ease the Process

Parents are often uncomfortable speaking with their college-age children about depression. Credit: Getty Images
As many parents can attest, senior year of high school is a cauldron of emotions. Excitement and fear coexist during this busy transit...


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