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Teen offers vote for sale on eBay

While it is always good to see young people getting involved in the political process, selling your vote on eBay is not the best way to make a difference. Nor is it even remotely legal. This is a fact that 19-year-old Max P. Sanders learned the hard ...

Birth control prices may drop for college students

Back in March, I wrote about a change in the Medicaid laws that had the unintended consequence of making it more difficult for prescription drug makers to provide discounts on contraceptives to college health centers. As a result, prices for birth co...

The care and feeding of a college student

Just when I am sure I have become obsolete for anything other than financial assistance for my college-student daughter, I get the sick call. Christy sounds horrible and croaks out something about a sore throat and sinus headache. She's on her deathb...


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