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College Couples Hook Up and Check Out Emotionally, but Virgins on the Rise Too

Even this is too romantic for a hook-up mentality. Credit: AFP/Getty Images
When it comes to the sex lives of American college students, courtship and dating are out -- and booty calls and virginity are in.
Sounds contradictory, but...
Virginity and hook-ups rising among college students -- at the same time.

First-Year College Students Stressed, but Optimistic, Survey Finds

College students are facing more pressures than ever before, but they still have positive thoughts about the experience. Credit: Getty The first year of college should be a time for exploring new-found freedoms, discovering passions an...College freshman are reporting record-low levels of emotional health.

They're Baaaack! How to Avoid a Holiday Clash When the Kids Come Home From College

Joseph Shrand's kids, from left to right, Becca, Jason, Sophie and Galen, will be home for the holidays. Credit: Dr. Joseph Shrand
Joseph Shrand may be dreaming of a postcard perfect white Christmas, but he knows from the Ghos...
Hey, Ma! I'm home from college for winter break. Can I have the car? And the remote? Maybe a pizza? Thanks! Going out now! Be home at bar close!

Students Who Use Facebook Get Lower Grades, Study Shows

Updating your status while studying could lower your GPA. Credit: meow meow meow meow, Flickr
Newsflash: Facebook may be making us dumber. London's Daily Mail reports that a team of psychologists studied 219 university students between th...
Newsflash: Facebook may be making us dumber. Too many hours on Facebook= too little hours doing homework.

Starving College Students Turning to Food Stamps

The stereotype of the starving college student conjures up images of co-eds subsisting on cases of ramen noodles and food smuggled out of the cafeteria by friends with meal plans. But these days, that stereotype may be more truth than fiction....

Wear Wristwatch? Use Email? Not for Class of '14

Today's college freshmen might have used a phone with a cord ... at their grandparents'. Credit: Getty Images
MILWAUKEE (AP) - For students entering college this fall, e-mail is too slow, phones have never had cords and the computers they played ...

Teens More Stressed Now Than During Great Depression

More of today's teens are reporting anxiety and depression. Credit: Getty Images
A study that tracks the emotional and mental health of high school and college students reveals that kids are more stressed now than they were during the Great Depr...

Are Co-Ed Dorms a Good Idea?

Boys and girls living together! Oh my! Photo:
When classes begin at the University of Chicago next semester, the school will take a giant step forward in shedding its ultra-conservative image. For the first time in its 117-year history,...

20% of college students report constant stress

If you thought your parenting job was over once the kids headed off to college, a recent study suggests you might want to rethink that. According to a recent survey of over 2,000 undergraduate students from 40 universities from around the United St...

California college offers YouTube class

Pitzer College in Claremont, California has begun offering a course that is sure to appeal to lots of students - "Learning from YouTube." Professor Alexandra Juhasz, a media studies professor at the liberal arts college, hopes the course will provide...

College students as lab rats

Christy is taking the summer off from school and looking to make some money with a part time job. She is focusing her job search on law offices, but perhaps being a paid lab rat might be more profitable. It certainly would be interesting. In Boston, ...

College students invent powdered booze

Just when you thought college kids were wasting their time drinking and partying instead of getting an education -- think again. The latest news from the Netherlands is that students are, in fact, inventing revolutionary new products -- like powdered...

College creates alcoholics?

A new study shows college kids binge drink more often than non-college kids. This has led researchers to declare that college breeds alcoholism. Scientists know that genetics can play a role in alcoholism and the study found that this predisposition ...

Many college students unhealthy and overweight

An ongoing survey has surprised scientist by revealing that American university students are increasingly unhealthy due to bad diets and lack of physical activity. As part of the University of New Hampshire's Young Adult Health Risk Screening Initia...

College girls look fat, steal school newspaper

Do you have one of those magic mirrors that somehow manages to make you look slimmer and trimmer than you really are? You know, the mirror that takes pounds off your backside and flattens out your middle? You see yourself in that mirror and know you ...


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