Kids Entering College? Time to Assess Insurance Needs

Credit: Corbis
Say your son or daughter is going off to college in the next few months? You probably have all sorts of checklists.
The folks at the Insurance Information Institute suggest you add one more item: Make sure your child'...
Insurance group recommends making an inventory of dorm items for insurance purposes.

College Cost Comparisons: From $2,000 to $50,000

Watch: How to Save for College
The federal agency released its College Affordability and Transparency lists on Thursday to fulfill a reporting requirement passed into law in 2008. Credit: AP Looking for a college bargain? Try any of n...
Looking for a college bargain? Try any of nine University of Puerto Rico campuses, where annual tuition hovers at or below $2,000.

Professor Slams Laptop Down on Student's Fingers

Slacking in class? Don't let your professor catch you. Credit: Getty Images
A law professor learned a lesson about the law himself when he was slapped with handcuffs and charged with battery after slamming a student's laptop shut.
Law professor finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

When 20-Somethings Move Back Home, It's Not Such a Horrible Thing, Study Says

It's OK if they move back in! Credit: Getty Images If you happen to look out your window only to find a moving van backing up into your driveway with your 20-something son hopping out and saying "Hey, Mom, I'm back," you're in good com...A new study that finds young adults are heading back to the homestead in rising numbers -- and that it's alright, Time magazine reports.

Should Student Athletes Be Paid?

Credit: Skip Peterson, AP The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is in full swing and March Madness is upon us. Have you filled out your bracket yet? Despite all of the attention that the games receive, the only people not making money...

Students Cruising Through College With Little Asked of Them, Little Learned, Book Says

That diploma won't mean much if your college student skips on the studying. Credit: Getty When you phone your daughter at college at 3 p.m., only to discover she's just rolling out of bed, or you ask your university-attending son what ...Growing numbers of undergraduates are moving through college without working particularly hard, and without key learning skills, such as complex reasoning and critical thinking.

First-Year College Students Stressed, but Optimistic, Survey Finds

College students are facing more pressures than ever before, but they still have positive thoughts about the experience. Credit: Getty The first year of college should be a time for exploring new-found freedoms, discovering passions an...College freshman are reporting record-low levels of emotional health.

The College Kids Aren't All Right, They're Depressed

Today's college students are 10 percent more likely to be depressed than they were 10 years ago. Credit: Getty If your college kid texts home to say he's hunkering down in his dorm on weekend nights and too exhausted to haul himself ou...The number of college-age students seeking help for depression or anxiety is on the rise.

Sex, Drugs, Cash? College Kids Would Rather Have a Self-Esteem Boost

Studies show kids would rather be praised than have sex. Credit: Getty Images Forget about sex, booze, Red Bull or cash. College kids are happiest when they're getting good old-fashioned ego boosts. Two new studies conducted by re...Toga parties and keg stands? Nope, college kids just want healthy shot of self-esteem.

Homeless College Students Feel Stress of the Economy

The high cost of tuition, housing and food has more and more college students reeling. Credit: Getty
The next time your college kid whines that she's the only one in her dorm without an iPad, or that her friends all have fully-sto...
More and more college students are finding themselves homeless.

High School, New Documentary Aim to Stop Student Stress

Raise your hand if your student is stressed by college admission competitions. Credit: Corbis With college applications looming, high school students are under the gun to score high on academic achievement tests and parents everywhere ...Grassroots movement aims to stop the college admissions madness.

Community College Grads Earning More Early On Than Those With Bachelor's Degrees, Data Reveals

Community college may give your student an initial advantage in the workforce. Credit: Getty If you thought you had your child's future education and career track all figured out, new data about the emerging workforce may cause you to ...An associate's degree may mean more money -- at least early on in your child's career.

Financial Aid, High School Prep Help Keep Students in College, Study Shows

Staying in college is all about the Benjamins. And lots of other factors, too. Credit: Corbis Beer and Benzedrine! Beer and Benzedrine! The question today, class, is what keeps students from finishing college? Does anyone have an ...Other than toga parties, what keeps kids in college?

More High School Students Want to Take a Time Out for a Year Before College

Stress and burnout is leading more students to take a year off before starting college. Credit: Getty Gimme a break is the new mantra of a growing number of high school students who say they are "burned out" and need to take a year o...More and more teens are saying college can wait, opting instead to spend a year working or seeing the world.

College Website Rates Female Students as Sex Objects

A Boston University student started the website to rate female classmates. Credit: Corbis
That girl sitting across from you in your political science class is a straight-A student who works two jobs so she can be the first person in he...
Now your friends can rate your little sister's boobs online.


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