Six-Year College Plan? It's Becoming a Reality for Many Students, Study Shows

College is so fun ... do I really need to get a degree? Credit: Getty Images
Remember the old days, when you begrudgingly had to call your parents to fess up that your four-year college degree might just entail an extra few courses during summer ...
Earning a degree in four years is, like, so retro. A new study finds that less than half of college students earned a degree after enrolling in college six years ago.

Two Ivy League Colleges Attempt to Shame Students Into Donating to Senior Class Funds

Who cares if you have student loans? Start donating! Credit: Getty Images
The typical "Walk of Shame" on college campuses involves coeds decked out in last night's clothes, reeking of alcohol and strutting home across campus after a one night sta...
Two Ivy League institutions have created a twist on the Walk of Shame, posting the names of students who haven't given their money away to their senior class fund. The goal: Embarrassing peers into philanthropy.

Colleges More Diverse, But Racial Gaps Persist

More women than men were enrolled in college in 2008. Credit: Corbis
While U.S. colleges have grown more racially diverse in recent years, minority students -- especially Hispanics -- still lag behind on key measures of academic progress, a new r...
Colleges have grown more racially diverse in recent years, but minority students -- especially Hispanics -- still lag behind on key measures of academic progress, a new report says.

In Wake of Tyler Clementi Suicide, Blogger Mom Writes Letter to Daughter

People participate in a candlelight vigil for Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi at Brower Commons on the Rutgers campus in New Brunswick, N.J., on Oct. 3, 2010. Credit: Reena Rose Sibayan/AP
We came across this post on Vicky Bell's Blo...
This post on Vicky Bell's Blog -- a letter to her college-age daughter, in light of the tragic death of Tyler Clementi -- beautifully captures what we want our kids to know about life. And it made us cry ... twice.

Let Go of Your College Kid!

This will come as a big shock: Parents are more involved than ever with getting their kids into college. That's what a survey of college admissions officers by the Kaplan test prep folks found out, including the fact that 77 percent of the offic...This will come as a big shock: Parents are more involved than ever with getting their kids into college.

Colleges are Going Gaga Over Crazy Courses

Your college kid's schedule: linguistics, Latin and Lady Gaga. Credit: Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
Remember when swing dancing and Soap Operas 101 seemed like wild and crazy college classes? Well, today's eclectic mix of higher education...
Today's eclectic mix of higher education course offerings ensure that your college student won't spend her lecture time glued to her iPod or nodding off in the back of the classroom.

Let Them Go: Expert Offers Advice for Hovering Parents of College Students

It's hard watching the baby bird fly out of the nest. Credit: Mary Knox Merrill, AP
It's not unusual for parents to escort their kids to college. After all, there's so much stuff to haul, that bedbug cover really is a pain to pull on over the m...

Colleges Tell Parents to Shove Off - Politely

Tim Marsho stands by as his son Chris moves in at Grinnell College. Credit: Brian C. Frank, The New York Times / Redux
Matthew 19:5 tells us "a man shall leave his father and mother." Then he shall dwell in the house of his fraternity or perha...

Starving College Students Turning to Food Stamps

The stereotype of the starving college student conjures up images of co-eds subsisting on cases of ramen noodles and food smuggled out of the cafeteria by friends with meal plans. But these days, that stereotype may be more truth than fiction....

Saving for College? Plan Ahead

Paying for college requires some serious financial planning. Credit: cbowns, Flickr
Even if you save for years, it probably won't be enough to put your child though college. A survey from Fidelity Investments found that 63 percent of parents w...

Wanna Feel Old? Read the Beloit College Mindset List

The class of 2014? They're so over e-mail. Credit: Mark Scott, Getty Images
College kids -- man, they make us feel old. Take the graduates from the class of 2005. They've been out of school five years now, and when they were born, Sarajevo was...

Colleges Ranked: Hardest, Easiest and Party-ist

Credit: Getty Images
Princeton Review's Best 373 Colleges: 2011 Edition is out and here are the latest rankings: When it comes to college, the one that has the best classroom experience is Mount Holyoke College, followed by Reed College, Stan...

Opinion: We Hate the Children of Illegal Immigrants ... Why?

The man obviously had enough of people from other countries pushing all this "cultural diversity" on the United States. He threw down his taco and ran out of the restaurant. Flailing his middle finger, he yelled at protesters to go back where th...

Kids May Be Away at College, but More Parents Are Keeping Them Close Through Chat

Is he calling? Oh, it's Mom. Again. Credit: Getty Images
You'll need quarters for the laundry machines. And definitely shower slippers and a bath caddy. Highlighter pens and notebooks? Better stock up on those, too. Oh, and sweetie, whatever yo...

What to Take to College: the Ultimate Checklist

Sure, his dorm room looked great when you dropped him off. Credit: Getty Images
Leaving the nest can be traumatic for any baby bird -- even one who's 18 years old. Yet, in just a few short weeks, millions of teens will be heading off to college f...


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