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Crayola ColorStudio HD

Drawings come to life on the new Crayola iPad app. Credit: Crayola Remember when a couple of crayons and a coloring book were all you needed for a little creative fun? Drawing the old fashioned way is still a favorite pastime for kids,...Drawings get interactive with this creative app.

Stay Within the (Awesome) Lines

What makes coloring cooler? Charley Harper. Credit: Land of Nod
Coloring books are the coolest -- they keep kids busy for hours and give even the least artistically-inclined children a sense of creative accomplishment. And the category just got e...

Newsflash: coloring books not just for kids!

Do you color? Did you as a child? I certainly did. In fact, I colored up until I hit college. And I color now. Well, not so much now. I can barely find the time to locate my sanity let alone turn up a decent coloring book, my requisite 96-pack of...


Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then. If your kids occasionally need a little help in this area too and they like to draw, I have a cool product for you. Penny and Drew's Penciltips, from ThoughtRockets, Inc., are coloring books with a tw...


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