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'Family Circus' mom dies

When I was very young, the only part of the newspaper that appealed to me was the comics section. As I grew older, I began to read the other sections, but I never stopped reading the funnies. Some of those strips have been around longer than I have a...

A better holiday letter: make a comic book instead

Every year I look for better ways to write the traditional holiday letter -- updating my friends and family on all the trivial, mundane, or private accomplishments that didn't make onto a blog somewhere. I've always been impressed by a couple frien...

Make cute comics from your kid pics

Anyone who's a regular reader of the wonderfully awesome mommy blog, Girls Gone Child, has seen a few photos of Rebecca and her son Archer turned into cute and/or hilarious comic strips. Now, thanks to the friendly folks at Comeeko, you can make your...


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