'Zits' Comic Strip Takes On Danger of Texting While Driving

A survey shows 30 percent of respondents younger than 30 confessed to texting while driving during the past month. Credit: Getty Images "Zits," a newspaper comic strip, will warn teenagers and parents this week not to send text messa...
Can a newspaper comic strip affect teens' texting habits?

Spider-Man Meets Barack Obama

As you've probably heard by now, Marvel Comics is celebrating Barack Obama's inaguration with a special edition of their Spider-Man comic, in which the webslinger saves the President from the Chameleon. Not to give the whole story away, but my chi...

Comic Books no Barrier to Presidency

It used to be that kids hoarding comic books would justify the hobby by claiming that someday their collection would be worth enough to send them to college. But when the time came, they often went off to college with out them and mom would toss them...

For Better or For Worse - What was old is new again

(Click the image above to see a larger version of the comic strip.) When I was growing up, there was always a "For Better or For Worse" comic cut from the paper and stuck to our refrigerator. The Pattersons may have been an imaginary family, but Lyn...

A better holiday letter: make a comic book instead

Every year I look for better ways to write the traditional holiday letter -- updating my friends and family on all the trivial, mundane, or private accomplishments that didn't make onto a blog somewhere. I've always been impressed by a couple frien...

Comical bedroom idea

"Ooh, that's cool!" That's what Jared said when he walked into the room and saw this picture of a hotel room in Berlin, Germany on my computer screen. I kinda have to agree with him. Being an old fart, it made me think of Tron or perhaps the Take on ...

Dilbert and the baby: watch out, he's pretty cute

Have you seen the latest storyline on Dilbert? A baby has arrived in the office (evidently, jetlag worked strangely) and he's so cute that no one can resist his power. Even though this is silly fun in an office that also employs a cat and a dog, it ...


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