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Coming Out Again and Again

To be gay is to have a coming out story -- that day when we finally confided in a friend, confessed to a crush, told the family or found ourselves accidentally outed on Facebook. Together, these transitional moments moved us from life before to li...Being a gay mom means coming out over and over and over again.

Meredith Baxter on Abuse, Alcoholism and Coming Out

Meredith Baxter writes of her struggles in her new memoir, "Untied." Credit: Angela Weiss, WireImage
In the '80s, Meredith Baxter starred as Elyse Keaton, the supermom on "Family Ties," one of the decade's most successful sitcoms.
The "Family Ties" star has written a memior, "Untied."

Coming Home - and Coming Out - at Holiday Gatherings

It's amazing how much can happen over a simple holiday meal. Heartfelt toasts can be offered, jokes shared and old stories delivered with gusto can all revitalize warm and loving familial feelings. Or, something else can happen. Subtle -- or no...'Tis the season to introduce the family to your partner. Or is it?

Ali Forney Center aims ad campaign at parents

I simply can't fathom how a parent could stop loving their child simply because of whom their child fell in love with. Your kid is your kid, no matter what. Sure, maybe you don't like their spouse or significant other. Maybe you don't like or approve...

Lance Bass' revelation a relief

This week's People magazine features the revelation that Lance Bass, former singer in the boy band 'N Sync, is gay. Unlike many celebrity dramas, Bass' announcement carries little baggage. He claims to be in a stable relationship and much relieved to...


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