Twitter Post on Child Abuse Crosses Line

A blogger who goes by the name Thordora recently tweeted something rather alarming on Twitter, an online site where posters talk about what they're doing or thinking at any given moment in 140 characters or less. Thordora is mom to a 3-year-old daugh...

Comment stars: what's with them?

We at Blogging Baby were only just given the ability to apply "stars" to our commenters about a week ago, and as we've been playing around with it, we keep getting the question: what's with the comment stars? Aren't we giving them arbitrari...

For the new year: a response to some comments

We get a lot of comments here at Blogging Baby. I personally, according to our brilliant new blogware, have received 6,019 comments in my tenure here. We read them all - some make us laugh, some make us clench our teeth and growl at the computer, som...


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