Cellphone Conversations Say a Lot About Parent-Child Relationships

Parents reported greater communication and closeness when teenagers initiate calls seeking social support. Credit: Getty Images How's your relationship with your child? Researchers say you can tell a lot from your cellphone conver...You think you're keeping in touch, but your kid may think you're meddling.

Communication May Be Key to Improving Family Life, Survey Shows

A little communication may go a long way toward improving your family life. Credit: Getty If you feel like you spend most of your precious time at home arguing and yelling at everyone around you, you may be right. Communication betwe...Talking about something other than the kids' schedules and grocery lists might help your marriage.

Tone of Voice Important Teaching Tool for Kids

We're constantly being told as parents not to yell at our kids, or each other. Even though we know we're not supposed to, most of us feel there is a time or place for yelling and using different tones and pitches to convey meaning to our children. It...

Fax, email to replace letters to Santa Claus?

According to a recent report I read, the post office receives and distributes more mail on December 17th than any other day of the year. The reason? For one, folks are sending off all their Christmas presents--the 17th is a week before Christmas E...

Text messaging keeps families in touch

More than once, my husband has called me from his cellphone -- while we're both inside the house. It exasperates me to no end, but he just shrugs and says it's easier than yelling for me from another room. According to the Pew Internet & American...

Women's voices go up when ready to conceive

How does a woman signal to a man that she is fertile and about to ovulate? Researchers have found that women raise the pitch of their voice when talking in social situations; the better the timing for conception, the higher the pitch. This, apparentl...

Lost your keys? Your baby can help!

Who doesn't love babies? Those chubby arms and legs, those tiny hands and feet, those big round heads - they just ooze cuddly adorableness. But let's face it, as cute as they are, babies just don't have that much to offer when it comes to helping out...

Cell-phones as 'mom-avoidance' devices

When answering machines first became affordable, I ran right out and got one. How great to be able to communicate with others without having to actually talk to them! These days, of course, our options for impersonal communication have increased. Wit...

Autistic teen speaks out via computer

Imagine having so much you want to say, but being unable to get it out for the first dozen or so years of your life due to severe autism. That's what thirteen-year-old Carly Fleischmann was up against. It must have been incredibly frustrating. Now, h...

N.C. panel recommends legislation to foster communication between adopted kids and birthparents

Interesting story out of Raleigh, North Carolina where a state panel is recommending that laws be passed to set up extended rules for birthparents or other relatives to stay in touch with children after adoption. A law already on the books law says ...

Away from the kids and no chance for communication

I just returned from spending the majority of my weekend away from home. It was my turn to relinquish the kids to their father for 48 hours. So when an unexpected invitation landed in my lap to get away, I jumped at the opportunity to hightail it out...

The importance of parent-child connectedness

Connectedness seems to be a concept that investigators of children are focusing on in their research. In general, the term refers to the emotional climate or cohesion existing in a family. A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine sought...


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