Mortality Rates Much Higher for Teen Moms

Teen pregnancy, which folks like to think is a thing of the past, is, in fact, quite the opposite, particularly in developing nations. Turns out, it's also very dangerous, for both mother and child. According to the United Nation's annual children's ...

Early Caesareans Risky for Newborns

C-sections, as we've long known, can be risky business. The C, also known as the Caesarean section, is, after all, major surgery, with a longer recovery time than a regular birth. C-sections also can lead to complications like infection and difficu...

Weighty pregnancy makes for weighty baby

According to new research, women who gain too much weight during pregnancy run the risk of delivering fat babies. Of 40,000 U.S. women studied, one in five was found to be overweight during pregnancy and running the risk of delivering a baby weighin...

Mumps is taking over Iowa

It's baaaaack. Mumps was at one time considered a rather common childhood disease. Nowadays, even chickenpox is unusual, given the vaccination. But it had been long thought that mumps had been mostly eradicated due to vaccinations. Apparently, that i...


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