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Bugs Bunny Can Give Kids Nightmares, Study Finds

Now, plenty of parents probably count marathons including SpongeBob, Dora and Diego among the horrors of life, but it turns out Batman, Pokemon and Bugs Bunny might be giving their children actual nightmares. A new sleep study out of the Seattl...Even watching TV with a small amount of violence can disrupt sleep patterns for kids.

Computer Games Good for Kids' Brains, Researchers Say

The folks at Nintendo are promoting games that stimulate the mind and improve children's IQs. Credit: Getty Images Scientists say certain computer games can boost children's reasoning and problem-solving skills, improving their grades ...Some computer games may boost kids' working memories, improve their grades.

What's Better for Kids: Computers, TV or Video Games?

How does a parent choose which media to allow their kids to spend time with? Credit: Getty Images It's a daily dilemma: If you allow a certain amount of screen time per day -- whether it's TV, the computer or a video game -- which one ...Whether it's TV, video games or websites, a screen is a screen is a screen.

Gaming and Your Kids

Kids love getting their game on. Credit: Getty Images Never before have kids spent so much time (and money) gaming. Some gaming encourages creativity in wonderful ways -- using music and art -- while other gaming can help deepen a chil...How do you know if video games are OK for your kids to play?

Remember these? Top educational video games of the 80s

Computer time is a big deal at our house, so much so that we have to set a time limit. My kids love to play the games they find at sites like PBSKids, Noggin, Sesame Street, and Starfall. I figure that if they're going to get screen time, it might as...

VA massacre Internet game causes outrage

I like to think I'm very open-minded about what should and shouldn't be made into entertainment, but this is incredibly difficult to stomach. An Australian man has created an online computer game called "V-Tech Rampage," which is meant to mimic the s...

Line Rider, good fun for kids of all ages

A few weeks ago my son, Loren, asked me to come check out something cool on the computer. This happens about a zillion times a day, so I didn't run as fast as I could to check out what I assumed would be yet another Red Hot Chili Peppers video. But l...

GamerDad: making the world a better place one game at a time

This morning I came across a great site called GamerDad. This site was started by a father who loves to play video games and realized there is a missing market when it comes to explaining games to parents. Since that realization he has put together a...

Limiting computer game time for teens

My oldest son, Loren, is a dedicated World of Warcraft (WoW) player. This would not at all be a problem if he were a more devoted student. If given the opportunity, he and his band of cronies would spend their evenings slaying computer generated evil...

Super secret manipulative plan A: Third Grade

I posted earlier today about my phone call from my youngest son's teacher yesterday. As with lab results, phone calls are just bad news. Good news can wait for the U.S. mail system. After talking to my son's teacher on the phone for an hour, and sugg...

The arrival of the teen

We officially have a teenager in our home. On June 30th my first born, Loren, turned that magical age when parents realize that one phone line is no longer sufficient and that groceries are not meant to make it to the shelves before they are devoured...

Laptops and the Jay Jay game: like mother, like son

I know, I've ranted about how I didn't want my kids playing video games for as long as I can hold out. It's one of my "I never's." But I mean, umm, Sega and Xbox and Nintendo and all that! Really. Because I bought Everett a Jay Jay the Jet...


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