Teen Birth Rates Increase in 26 States

Thought teen pregnancy was a thing of the past? Well, if the well-publicized "celebrity" teen pregnancies that went down in 2008 didn't convince you, take a look at this. Turns out Jamie Lynn Spears and Bristol Palin are way more representative o...

British scouts to get condoms

The British version of the Boy Scouts has issued new guidelines which instruct troop leaders to hand out condoms "if they believe [a scout] is very likely to begin or continue having intercourse with or without contraception." In addition, they are e...

Would your family consider a vasectomy?

Back in the days before Eve Ensler, the word 'vagina' was the verboten V-word. Now, it seems, there is another V-word on the horizon that people -- well, guys -- refuse to discuss, let alone think about: the vasectomy. Women have long-regarded the v...

Scientists tell congress to just say no to abstinence-only education

Ten top researchers in the field of adolescent sexual and reproductive health recently sent a letter to members of congress calling for an end to government funding and support for abstinence-only education. The scientists note that "by design, absti...

Something for the guys: spray-on condoms

If you were at all repelled by the female condom, perhaps you will find this method of birth control more to your liking. From a German condom expert, we bring you the male spray-on condom. Created with the hard-to-fit guy in mind, the latex condom s...

"Condom testers wanted for new positions"

Here's a way you can help both you, and your fellow adults keep those growing families under control: you can sign up to be a condom tester. Condom manufacturer Durex told the Australian Daily Telegraph that even though this isn't a paid position, i...

Using family planning to NOT conceive

I have a pal who is trying her darnedest not to conceive. She is a rarity among my other gal pals who either already have kids or are trying their darnedest to get them. Although she did not ask for advice on how to go about not getting pregnant--a...


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