Should You Give Condoms to Your Teen? From Dr. Drew

A conflicted mother asks sex and addiction expert Dr. Drew whether or not she should supply condoms to your sexually active teenager. Watch the video to see what Dr. Drew advises!
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Why is My Teenage Son Overea...
A conflicted mother asks sex and addiction expert Dr. Drew whether or not she should supply condoms to your sexually active teenager.

Condoms for Tweens: Philly Health Department Passing Out Protection to 11-Year-Olds

Free condoms in middle schools are a rising trend. Credit: Getty Images Your daughter is turning 11 and wants to host a sleepover. If you want to make the celebration really special, spice things up by allowing her to invite some ...Children in Philadelphia sexually active at shockingly young ages and in shockingly strange ways.

Teen Sex Ed Taught Mostly by Schools, Families, Study Shows

Girls are more likely than boys to be exposed to information about hormonal birth control. Source: Getty
Ask most parents, and they'll agree it's crucial kids receive accurate, trusted information about sexual issues.
But while you ...
Schools and family are the most common and trusted sources when it comes to sex ed.

Should the Pope Remove the Church's Condom Ban?

Pope Benedict XVI waves during his weekly general audience on November 24, 2010. Credit: Tiziano Fabi, AFP/Getty Images
Pope Benedict recently said that it was OK for Catholics to use condoms when having sex if doing so would help prevent the s...

Condoms Instead of Candy Corn Causes Parents to Snicker and Snarl

No, those aren't water balloons. Credit: Getty Images
"Nestlé's Crunch or a condom?" It's hardly a question parents expect their kids to be asked when they knock on doors while trick-or-treating. So, when Halloween revelers in Oregon go...
Trick or treat for condoms!

Study Reveals Risky Sex Behavior Among NYC Teens

Sex and the city: Urban teens have higher rates of risky sexual behavior. Credit: Getty Images
NEW YORK (AP) - Nearly one-tenth of sexually active New York City high school students say they have had at least one same-sex partner, and teens who s...
Teens who have had sexual contact with both sexes report higher-than-average rates of dating violence.

Opinion: Making Condoms Available for Grade Schoolers a Community Decision

Last week, I appeared on the Fox News Channel to discuss the availability of condoms at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass. Here's the clip: Watch the latest news video at This story has generated a lot ...

Massachusetts Elementary School to Distribute Condoms to Students

PRODUCTION PLAYER! DO NOT DELETE. Starting this fall, kindergarten through fifth grade students at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Provincetown, Mass., will be able to obtain free condoms, ABC News reports. Debate about ...

Free Female Condoms for D.C. High Schoolers

Condoms -- they're not just for guys anymore. Washington, D.C. officials announced that 500,000 female condoms will be distributed free of charge in areas of the city that have been found to have high rates of HIV. The prophylactics will be dist...

Do Extra-Small Rubbers for 12-Year-Olds Make Condom Sense?

Talk about your teenie weenies: A Swedish company is selling condoms designed to fit 12-year-old boys. Standard condoms are two inches in diameter. This new condom, called the Hotshot, comes in a wee bit smaller, at 1.7 inches. Swiss condom m...

Would You Give Condoms to Your 14-Year-Old?

School isn't the only place where sex education is a dilemma. Most parents would like their children to remain abstinent throughout their teens, but worry that withholding information about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases will lead to...

British scouts to get condoms

The British version of the Boy Scouts has issued new guidelines which instruct troop leaders to hand out condoms "if they believe [a scout] is very likely to begin or continue having intercourse with or without contraception." In addition, they are e...

Miley Cyrus selling condoms?

Miley Cyrus is starting to get a reputation as a bit of a naughty girl. She proudly professes her love of Sex and The City and allows herself to be photographed in all manner of undress. And when she is fully clothed, her outfits are sometimes more a...

Free condoms at the senior prom

How would you feel if you got a letter in the mail letting you know that the school board had approved providing condoms to students at the upcoming junior/senior prom for free in an effort to encourage safe sex and responsible decision making? That'...

Condoms for the fashion conscious

Avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies can be so...unfashionable. What sexually active woman wants an ugly package of condoms cluttering up her designer handbag? Surely if a woman could buy condoms that coordinated with her ...


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