Kids Less Likely to Have 'Four Eyes,' Study Says

Shades are cool. Prescription eyeglasses? Not so much. Credit: Getty Images
Yes, folks, children with glasses do still get teased and called "Four Eyes." But now, it seems, specs may not have to be the only option to help kids see better at an ...
Specs appeal? Not really. More than half of optometrists say it's appropriate for children to start wearing soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12.

I Wore Circle Lenses, But Don't Call Me Lady Gaga Just Yet

From dull-eyed to doe-eyed? My eyes with plain ol' clear contacts, left, and circle lenses. Credit: Courtesy Lesley Kennedy
Forget the warnings of swollen corneas, corneal abrasions and icky infections. A possibility of blindness? Please. I've ...

Japanese girls get anime eyes

Jerry Lee Lewis sang the words," There ain't nothing in the world like a big eyed girl to make me act so funny, make me spend my money..." In Japan, young girls are taking that to heart and putting special contact lenses in their eyes to make them ap...


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