Contraceptive side effects need to be studied?

An American advisory panel is recommending that manufacturers collect more data on the side effects of birth control pills after they reach the market. The panel says that side effects of commonly used contraceptives are often not tested on groups o...

One third of pregnancies unplanned

I can't even tell you how many people asked, upon hearing of my two pregnancies, if they were "planned." Planned, schmanned. Didn't matter anymore because hello, I was already pregnant! In fact, I actually had people say "weren't you on the pill?" A...

Getting pregnant on "accident:" sneaky or smart?

There's a part in the movie "Parenthood" where Harley Jane Kozak's character puts a hole into her diaphragm, with the hopes of getting pregnant against her husband's wishes. Well, I recently saw a post on a message board that reminded me of that s...


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