Lidia Bastianich on Her New Christmas Book for Kids, Cookie Recipes Included

Chef Lidia Bastianich is a grandmother of five. Credit: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images for IMG
Lidia Bastianich certainly keeps her plate full.
The best-selling cookbook author is a host of a popular cooking show on PBS, restaurateur...
The chef and grandmother of five says kids should know where their food comes from.

Make a Cooking Date With Your Child

Cabin Fever loves to cook. And I want my children to love cooking, too. While they all know how to stir batter, eat chocolate chips off the counter and lick the bowl, I've struggled to find time to involve each of them individually in the preparation...

Expert Tips for Getting Kids Involved in the Kitchen

"You don't need to be an expert to cook," Elisabeth de Mariaffi tells Cabin Fever. Elisabeth is the author of Eat It Up!, a colourful and practical new cookbook for children, and she's just the person to reassure a harried and hopeful parent that c...

Dinner Will be Benissimo

Get cooking with your budding little chef. Credit: Phaidon
The mini chefs in your house can master specialties from pesto pasta to perfect pizza with the new junior version of Italy's culinary classic, "The Silver Spoon." All recipes come wit...

Vegetable deception ok to get kids to eat healthy?

Is hiding vegetables in your kids' food wrong? What if that's the only way to get your child to eat something green (that isn't a booger)? One cookbook author strongly disagrees with the notion that it's ok to sneak healthy foods into unhealthy ones,...

Create your own cookbook

There are times when the genius of modern technology just brings a tear to my organizationally challenged eye. Tastebook has me weeping openly with joy. You know all those neat recipes you've got stashed in online recipe boxes on cooking sites all ov...

Red Robin Gourmet Burger Kids' Recipe Contest

Ellie has recently become interested in cooking shows. She watches them at her friend's house - apparently mesmerized by the chopping, stirring and probably the eating. At home, she likes to whip up inedible concoctions, choosing ingredients based mo...


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