Reading to Your Kids is a Crime

Do you read your kids a story before bed? The National Children's Reading Foundation recommends that you spend twenty minutes each day reading out loud to your kids. The problem is, if you follow the NCRF recommendation, you'll be committing a crime....

Harry Potter encyclopedia author sued by Rowling

Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but it can also get you sued. Steven Vander Ark, who runs the Harry Potter Lexicon website, recently published an encyclopedia-type book based on the website. He's being sued by J.K. Rowling for cop...

Today's kids "don't remember" how they learned to use the Internet

I'm only 24, but I can very clearly remember when my dad bought our first home computer. I can remember the first time I used a chat room or sent an email, and what the Internet looked like before Web 2.0. But today's kids have grown up with comput...

Teen finds herself on a porno movie

Judging by her portfolio, Lara Jade Coton has a bright future in photography. At age 18, the British teenager has already demonstrated significant skill with a camera and an eye for the artistic. So why is she pictured (at age 14, no less) on the cov...

Dancing toddler creates copyright battle

I don't know anyone with kids who hasn't made a home video of them dancing. My daughter does a weird combo of moshing, ballet and crunk every time we listen to They Might Be Giants, and my friend's 1-year-old does disco moves to Justin Timberlake -...

Do you know who is using your FLICKR pictures?

When it comes to putting pictures online, I think many of us worry about who is looking at the pictures. I know that I've become more careful, as I've spent more time online, to protect pictures of my children's faces. For those of you who don't kno...

Will you get sued for emailing that photo of your kid with Santa?

Like most of you, I imagine, this year we sucked it up, went to the mall, waited in line, and had the kid pose with Santa. Then we gave Santa's little elf half our life savings for the privilege of taking home our high-quality portrait. (To be fair, ...

Newest Boy Scout badge is a little odd

Although I wasn't a Boy Scout (the lack of certain, ahem, parts stopped me from joining their ranks) I was a Campfire Girl. I don't remember much about my Campfire Girl experience besides banana boats, summer camps and missing a roadside cleanup beca...


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