Sexual Assault Victims Often Lose Coping Skills

Credit: Getty Images
Young girls who are sexually assaulted often grow up less able to deal with stress and are prone to depression, obesity, anxiety and other mental and emotional problems.
MSNBC reports researchers from the Univer...
Consequences of incest stretch far into adult years.

No Licorice Now? Wow, Pregnancy is a Rough Gig

Pregnant? Lay off the licorice. Credit: Getty Images
"I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing. In pain you will bring forth children." -- Genesis 3:16 Wow. No kidding. Forget labor pains. Pregnancy itself can be a bummer, what wit...

Mom's Voice Is as Comforting as a Hug, Study Shows

Nothing soothes like mama's voice. Credit: Getty Images
It often helps to talk to your mother. That could be a scientific fact. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin in Madison found that hearing your mother's voice can release similar le...


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