Spanking (It's Not What You Think), Schoolhouse Rock, and More - Links We Love

All tired out after a long week? Here are five lazy games you can play with your tot. Quality time without getting off the couch, can't beat it. -- LilSugar Looking for a way to feel closer to your man? MomLogic has an idea ... spank him. No, real...

Sleeping with Baby Dangerous, Study Says

The debate over attachment parenting just got a little more heated, with the release of a study reporting a fourfold increase in infant death from suffocation and strangulation. The study says an increase in the number of parents who share their beds...

Finding a safe sleep surface for baby

Sleep is an issue for any new parent. Not only are they not getting any, but where in the world is the baby supposed to sleep? Co-sleeping is either ideal or dangerous, depending on who you talk to. Putting the baby in a crib in their own room just a...

Bedtime fears -- what works?

"But I too scared!" I hear it every night, roughly around 1:30 A.M. First, I hear some rustling over the baby monitor. Then I hear the bedroom door slam. By then I'm up, stumbling in my sleepiness, and I meet my almost three-year-old in the hallway. ...

Studies, expert: "Children should sleep with parents until they're 5"

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep?  The Sunday Times reports that the latest proponent of co-sleeping, Margot Sunderland, director of education at the Centre for Child Mental Health in London, says the answer is easy:  children should sleep wi...

Baby image of the day: family in sunlight

There's no mystery why this photo amazed me. Nothing's more evocative of the magic of becoming a family, and I love how the sun plays across the faces of mom and baby, symmetrically, and how they make shadows for one another. Photo of baby Teo and p...

Baby image of the day: sleepy love

My heart goes out to this photo because it's everything I most love about having babies... that moment, when you fall asleep with the baby next to you, and it's all peace and quiet quiet slurping. I'm all about co-sleeping and this image gives it su...

Dr Ferber's new advice green lights co-sleeping

The New York Times sometimes covers issues I really didn't even know existed. Have people really been ashamed to cosleep with their babies? It seems all over the message boards I frequented when my kids were little people proudly co-slept. We have di...


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