Find an Inner Gutsy Girl Through the Trenches of Single Parenting and Job Loss

"The Courage Companion" encourages you to embrace life, no matter how scary it may be. Credit: Viva Editions
You know that expression, "life happens?" One minute, I was headed down this fulfilling path: A 40-something mom of three really awesome ...
Today is National Face Your Fears Day, and this new book can help get you on the right path.

Warren Jeffs found guilty

A jury found Warren Jeffs, the "prophet" and leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints guilty of serving as an accomplice to rape for his role in the marriage of a fourteen year old girl. The conviction could send Jeffs...

British teen receives commendation for post-crash assistance

An ambulance arrived at Archibishop Holgate's School to collect fourteen-year-old Nathan Johnston. Nathan wasn't sick or hurt, however. He was being picked up for a tour of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service's command centre and to receive a commendatio...

Lance Bass' revelation a relief

This week's People magazine features the revelation that Lance Bass, former singer in the boy band 'N Sync, is gay. Unlike many celebrity dramas, Bass' announcement carries little baggage. He claims to be in a stable relationship and much relieved to...

Children find a friend in an offbeat hero

Jose Ojeda is trying to lose 300 pounds, no small effort considering he weighed 520 pounds at the beginning of his weight loss journey. His story is being documented in the Miami Herald as he changes his entire lifestyle to create a healthy future fo...


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